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The DePaul Marketing Consulting Group (DMCG)

The DePaul Marketing Consulting Group (DMCG) is a student organization at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, consisting of business students committed to putting their education into practice.  Anchored by marketing students, but open to students of every major, the DMCG works in coordination with The Modern Marketing Lab to complete real-world consulting projects, to develop online media (including the podcast "It's a Brand New Day" and the YouTube series "Streetwalkers"), to conduct cutting edge marketing research, and to participate in the American Marketing Association case competition.  In addition to the creative content the group produces, meetings include seasoned industry veterans sharing their experiences, job opportunities, and mock interviews among participants preparing for the job market. Dr. James Mourey, Assistant Professor of Marketing and long-time marketing and management consultant, advises.


The organization is open to any current DePaul student and seeks individuals interested in gaining real-world experience while also creating amazing content that showcases the talented student group at DePaul University.  To our knowledge, there is no organization quite like this at any university in the world, so if you would like to join our group of pioneers, please submit the form below.

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